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The price of a tattoo will depend on the artist and the piece, however our shop minimum is $150. If you would like a price quote, we recommend booking a free consultation with the artist of your choice to discuss style, size, and placement in our tattoo lounge in Tampa.

Our team works with you in a personalized consultation to understand your ideas and turn them into a design that reflects your personality.
Flat rates for half & full-day sessions may be offered for larger, more complex tattoo designs, showcasing why we’re among the best tattoo places in Tampa Florida.

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What is the tattoo consultation process at your Tampa studio?

Our tattoo consultation is a personalized session where we discuss your ideas, preferences, and design concepts. We'll guide you through the entire process, ensuring your vision comes to life on your skin.

How do you maintain hygiene and safety standards during tattoo sessions?

We prioritize cleanliness and safety. We adhere to strict sterilization practices, use disposable equipment when necessary, and follow industry guidelines to create a safe and comfortable environment for our clients.

Can I bring my own design, or do you only work with the studio's artists?

Absolutely! We welcome your creative input. Whether you have a design in mind or just a concept, our talented artists in the secret tattoo studio are skilled at translating your ideas into unique and stunning tattoos. Collaboration is key to creating something meaningful for you.

What is the typical healing process for a tattoo, and do you provide aftercare guidance?

The healing process varies, but on average, it takes about 2-3 weeks. We provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure your tattoo heals properly. Additionally, our Tampa studio is always available for any questions or concerns you may have during the healing period.

Do you offer touch-ups, and what is your policy on adjustments to existing tattoos?

Yes, we offer touch-ups to ensure your tattoo looks vibrant and stays true to its original form. If you have an existing tattoo from our studio that needs adjustments, we're happy to discuss your preferences and work towards achieving the desired outcome. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Are tattoos legal in Florida?

Yes, tattoos are legal in Florida. The state has regulations and guidelines in place to ensure safe and hygienic tattoo practices. Our Tampa studio strictly adheres to these regulations, providing a secure environment for our clients.

Can I use my passport as identification for getting a tattoo?

While a passport is a valid form of identification, it's recommended to bring a government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license. Ensuring your identification complies with local regulations helps streamline the process and ensures a smooth experience during your tattoo appointment at our Tampa studio.

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